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I declined the whipped cream. Watching my weight. In between bites and napkin wipes, owner Emily sat down and gave us the story behind their venture.

It looked delicious and since I have a huge sweet tooth, we were on the lookout for it. We finally found a guy making and rolling it for people at a stand along the side of the road. He had pineapple, raspberry, coconut, mango, and all your fresh fruits to mix in. The newlyweds went back for more time after time during their two-week stay. Once back home, they found nobody was doing rolled ice cream around here and it gave them the idea for a business.

Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales - The naughty boy

One thought led to another, as thoughts always do, and by November of the same year Emily and Corey had a food wagon serving rolled ice cream. There was one young elephant that constantly misbehaved.

There is something special that he does with his film soundtracks. That's sometimes the hardest thing to achieve, because you want the best of each and then it's still got to have commerciality. That came later. The main live area at Cabana Studio plays host to an upright piano, along with other assorted small instruments.

Naughty Boy: Music's helping us cope with dementia

Naughty Boy Recordings was soon born. It was really helpful and it helped me be confident.

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It's about using your ears and not really over-thinking it. The 'black goes with everything' theme is applied in the control room too That money definitely helped me survive for those couple of years. This unexpected windfall not only enabled Khan to upgrade his studio setup and get his label up and running properly, it also allowed him to take on an unpaid apprenticeship at London's Townhouse Studios during and Townhouse Studios, sadly, closed its doors for good at the end of March , but it wasn't long before Shahid Khan's career took another life-changing turn.

She was just there with her sister and she was going back to Scotland. That's when it really kicked off. It could still be quite commercial, but would still be cool. The knock-on effect of that one hit for both Shahid and Emeli was nothing short of extraordinary. And people just started trying to hunt me down.

Selfish Mother

It all happened at the same time, which is really weird. All of Khan's hits have been created with the aid of his trusty Adam A8X monitors.


He didn't have to think twice about where he wanted to build his new musical home-from-home. Then you've got the booth, and then you've got my main studio bit. There's no real gadgets. We're in a restaurant! Estamos en un restaurante. Word Roots.

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    The Naughty Boy The Naughty Boy
    The Naughty Boy The Naughty Boy
    The Naughty Boy The Naughty Boy
    The Naughty Boy The Naughty Boy
    The Naughty Boy The Naughty Boy
    The Naughty Boy The Naughty Boy
    The Naughty Boy The Naughty Boy

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