The Bell Family (Vintage Childrens Classics)

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The Bell Family (Vintage Children's Classics)

It is black with gold writing on the spine. No missing pages. Pretty good shape for its age. Could someone tell me if there is any value to this book. Thank you. Thank you for your comment. It is not something we would handle at auction. While in a local antique shop I found a charles Dickens book,The old curiosity shop. It was published by Heritage Press of New York copyright was , there is no dust cover but on the front there is charles Dickens initials.

I have 2 books from They have many pictures and document the meeting of all the worlds religions. I have tryed looking them up and cannot even find them. Do you know the value? These books are not of high value. You may be able to find out more about your books on a used book website: abebooks , alibris , biblio , addall. We recently experienced a fire in our office where I had several vintage books. Can you tell me the value of these books? The Book says the 2nd Edition. The 1st was by John Taylor. Published in Boston in , Printed and sold by S. Kneeland, opposite to the probate-office in Queen-street.

The Book has Samuel Dunbar signature. He was instrumental in arranging the meeting between Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and Joseph Warren to write the Suffolk Resolves, believed to be the precursor to the Declaration of Independence. What would become known as the Suffolk Resolves was first discussed at this meeting. Samuel Dunbar a Harvard educated parish minister. His Eulogy was read by Paul Revere. So the two questions are. A Binion and S. Malevsky Published by Thomas Y. New York. The book is Blue Cloth hardback with green, purple and gold on the front. Is has two sets of copyright dates on the inside, , by Henry Altemus, and , by Thomas Y.

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If you could provide me with any information I would forever be in your debt. Thank you for extending the courtesy of your wisdom. Sincerely, Deborah R. Deborah, the first was published in London in All copyright dates are the same. You may email a photo of the title page to me and I can tell you whether it is truly from or not. I have a lovely book I cannot find reference to anywhere.

What makes it unusual is the cover. It is tightly bound in brown suede and has two multicolored leaves that look and feel handpainted onto the sued. It belonged to my great grandfather, who was born in s. Walsh, Ellwood Harvey and John Elderken. Ashmead, Printer. Copy write is and has over engravings within the book. The cover is emerald green cloth with gold and black embellished pictures on the front and binding. As far as I can tell all the pages are there but the binding is loose and worn on the top and bottom.

This is a hard copy and has no dust cover. Any help you could give me will be most appreciated.

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The information on your site was very helpful. Thank you, Diane. Diane, Thank you for your comment. I must not be looking in the right place. It is leather bound and well used.

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Can you help me by pointing me towards a website or person who can give me an idea as to the value of this book? I found a book that has been in our fanily for several generations and would like to know what the value may be. Many are first editions and a vareity of subjects. There are also leather bound and other very interesting features.

I am not a book expert, but was wondering where I could go to get a good appraisal of my books. Thank you for your help. The best course of action is to pick out a few that you think might be first editions and do a little homework, or, if this is not feasible, send along the basic book information author, title, imprint city, printer, date either as a typed document or as photographs of title pages. I have a copy of The Seawolf, signed by Jack London. In extremely good condition. No published date, only last copyright date of The first edition of the Sea Wolf came out in , and is collectible.

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This later edition would not be appropriate for a rare book auction. I thank you for your insight to on what to look for in old books.

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I was wondering if you could direct me further on value. Oddly, there is inscriptions by Lolo D. Gillispie dated and another by Donna J. Barrell dated Barrell was her daughter. The book is red cloth like. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your comment. Best — Devon. I have a book in excelant condition titled Leaders of the 19th century.

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  • Copyright Would it have any value? I have a first edition of The phantom of the opera published by bobbs and Merrill , Trying to get a value of the book.

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    • Appleton and Company. The book is in good condition, can you please give by the value of what this book might be. Thank You. I would be interested to hear what, if anything, you have learned about it since you posted almost a year ago. Regards, Erynne. Queensland, Australia. Hi Erynne. Thank you! Charles M. Sheldon, D. A or N Aforniohan W. No jacket but good shape. Any ideas?? I have a leather bound set of The Marvelous Miniature Library. All are stamped Made in France. Published by Miniature Dictionary Publishers, Inc. Minkus, New York. No dates. Do you know when these may be been published?

      Would you have an approximate value of this collection? It would be below our minimum for auction.

      The Bell Family (Vintage Childrens Classics) The Bell Family (Vintage Childrens Classics)
      The Bell Family (Vintage Childrens Classics) The Bell Family (Vintage Childrens Classics)
      The Bell Family (Vintage Childrens Classics) The Bell Family (Vintage Childrens Classics)
      The Bell Family (Vintage Childrens Classics) The Bell Family (Vintage Childrens Classics)
      The Bell Family (Vintage Childrens Classics) The Bell Family (Vintage Childrens Classics)
      The Bell Family (Vintage Childrens Classics) The Bell Family (Vintage Childrens Classics)

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