SandBox Studies: First Day of School (First Starts Book 1)

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If your students use Study Island and you set up classes for your students, check this out. I have also attached the document with a variety of instructional strategies for using Study Island. Teachers can individually assign folders to students. This feature allows teachers to assign folders to specific students and grading groups so that only the assignees can view the folder and its contents.

Welcome to the NFFF Training Academy

Any materials added to the folder are automatically updated to be available to the assigned student s. Here is the link to learn more about this.

Schoology also has some additional new features. Teachers can now grade by question for assessments and give partial credit for multiple choice.

The Sandbox Method for Self-Education

Click here to learn more about these new Schoology features. This app can help kids connect with close friends and family from their tablet or smartphone. This tool is all about messaging, and kids can only connect with parent-approved contacts. This is another great share from Monica Burns. Click here to learn more about this app.

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There are lots of great learning opportunities planned, I hope you can join in the fun at this years camp. Click Here to Register. You should be getting your Nearpod invite to set up your account within the week. I have attached links to two documents to get you started.

The first document explains the steps to setting up your account. The second shares some tips to get you going. In this weeks post we will cover the Curate part of the framework. When curating materials for students Burns recommends three principals to consider. Curating resources also allows the teacher to differentiate specific video, images and website content to meet specific students needs. QR Codes and AR triggers can be used for whole class lessons and even though all students may be directed to a specific website reading their tasks can be leveled to scaffold the learning.

For example, students reading an article on the Civil Rights Movement might be assigned one of three individual tasks to make meaning of what they read. One group might pull out the key vocabulary, another group might answer recall questions and a third group might be asked to use text evidence to answer their question. QR Codes can also be used to address the needs of leveled readers. For example, in a class with multiple reading groups a teacher could have separate QR codes created for each group that directs the readers to text on their specific level.

Sites like www. On Newseala each current events article is available at five different Lexile levels and each has its own web address which allows for each to connect to a separate QR code. EL students can benefit from curated resources and activities chosen specifically for them. Scannable technology for EL learners can connect them to multimedia that may be more meaningful and helpful in building background knowledge than a selection of text that is above their level.

QR codes are versatile in that a QR code can contain an audio clip allowing EL students to hear word pronunciation, provide a definition or a word or read instructions aloud. A teacher could connect a video tutorial in a student's native language to help them understand a math concept, or to provide a visual representation of how to solve a math problem. Curation allows students to develop deeper understanding by giving them access to appropriate content that enhances the learning experience. I came across a blog by an organization called Participate Learning. I saw this cool infographic which can be downloaded and printed out if you click here.

It lists 10 core competencies of a global citizen. We know our current students will be the global citizens of tomorrow. As I read this infographic I asked myself do our students have lots of opportunity to develop these competencies during their 12 years at Conewago Valley. In looking at these global citizen skills are there specific competencies you are addressing within your classroom lessons and activities? Check out this infographic. Are there changes you can make to assure your students are developing those global citizen skills?

I am getting reports that Windows 10 all of a sudden is not allowing the user to decide whether or not to allow applications access to the camera built into your laptop.

Further and Higher Education

I have done the research and a reboot "restart" of your laptop should fix the issue. We have some fantastic keynotes and presentations this year. The district is continuing with Nearpod K and to kickoff this continued relationship day 2 of camp will include a Nearpod Keynote followed by beginner and intermediate workshops and a Nearpod Certified Educator Session.

She will be assisting those who want to walk away with a Nearpod ready to use lesson in their classroom. In addition, if you are interested in becoming a Nearpod Certified Educator Emily can assist you in making sure you have a presentation that meets the criteria. See the flyer below for some really great news for those who complete the Nearpod Certified Educator training and those who are Nearpod Certified Educators who assist Emily in the Sandbox. Click here to check out the schedule and go to the registration form.


User:JREverest/sandbox/Approaches to Knowledge/Seminar group 1/Imperialism

There is a limited number of helpers needed in the Sandbox. If you are a Nearpod Certified Educator and you want to assist in the Sandbox sign up early. Click here to learn more about what is required to become a Nearpod Certified Educator. I previously shared information about the National Teacher Institute.

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  • I know there were some teachers interested in this so here is more information. Thank you for your interest in NSTI!

    Observational Learning (Modeling)

    Bo Clips - You will love this resource! Check out BoClips. It's an educational video site. If you sign up before June 30, you will get a free year of BoClips. It was recommended by Monica Burns. As I have shared numerous times throughout the year Monica Burns is continually sharing resources that she learns about and this one looks really nice.

    I created an account and look at the videos available. There are vidoes for a variety of content areas. Click here to get your free account before June 30th. To continue the share out of Monica Burns book Deeper Learning with QR codes and Augmented Reality this weeks information includes tips as to why you would want to try using QR codes and AR activities as well as ideas to use in your classroom.

    Greece Central School District / Homepage

    This week you will see that there are numerous reasons to use of QR codes and AR as well as lots of ways to provide access to content by your students. Reasons for using QR codes and AR triggers: 1.

    Use quickly gets all students on the same page or to the same resource. Use eliminates the frustration of students who are trying to type in the correct URL. Use of QR codes and AR triggers is a time saver in that the teacher doesn't have to move from student to student devices trying to get them to the correct site or resource.

    SandBox Studies: First Day of School (First Starts Book 1) SandBox Studies: First Day of School (First Starts Book 1)
    SandBox Studies: First Day of School (First Starts Book 1) SandBox Studies: First Day of School (First Starts Book 1)
    SandBox Studies: First Day of School (First Starts Book 1) SandBox Studies: First Day of School (First Starts Book 1)
    SandBox Studies: First Day of School (First Starts Book 1) SandBox Studies: First Day of School (First Starts Book 1)
    SandBox Studies: First Day of School (First Starts Book 1) SandBox Studies: First Day of School (First Starts Book 1)
    SandBox Studies: First Day of School (First Starts Book 1) SandBox Studies: First Day of School (First Starts Book 1)

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