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Thoroughly enjoyed by myself and my children. Felt like I was at St. Paul's when Nicola sang Feed The Birds and handed out the bird seed. Brought a tear to my eye. Mary Poppins made an appearance for my daughter's 8th birthday party. What a magical day. My daughter couldn't believe the real Mary Poppins came to see her. Her voice is amazing. It was the little things that made it so special like measuring my daughter with her yellow tape measure and singing some of the songs from the film with the children.

Practically Perfect

The best part for me was when she sang Feed The Birds to the children and gave them all some bird seed to take home. Highly recommend. Such a talented lady. Jema Round.

Eliza Von Poppins Presents... A Practically Perfect Guide to Living

Words cannot describe it if you're a Mary Poppins Fan. Ideal for adults and grown ups.

Amazing singing amazing with my children It was the most wonderful birthday party I ever saw, a great performance and I felt transported to the past in that moment, to Mary Poppins' time! My daughter and her friends were so emotional, they liked it so much! They will be partnering with other food banks to make produce affordable nationwide while helping their farmers prevent lost revenue.

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Wholesome Wave is a nonprofit working to make locally grown fruits and vegetables more affordable for the people who need it most. When people can afford produce, they buy it. And when the millions of Americans struggling with poverty eat more fruits and vegetables, we see immediate improvements for families and farmers—and enormous long-term gains for public health, local economies, and the environment. Nationally known and respected for its commitment to local farmers, Appalachian Sustainable Development is transitioning Appalachia to a more resilient economy and a healthier population by supporting local agriculture, exploring new economic opportunities and connecting people with healthy food.

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One is faced with several issues when a blog has been dormant for awhile. One of my earliest memories of dating Chris is of the two of us making a meal together. My plan had always been to work as a nurse for a year or two, then go to grad school part-time while working full- or part-time and having my employer pay for part or all of the… Read More Nurse Practitioner School — Making the Decision.

August has been a full month. It was rewarding for me to have some time between semesters to relax, see family, spend time with friends, and do nothing.

Practically Perfect - The Music of Julie Andrews

Two weeks ago, our oldest child turned 6 years old. And children grow fast. This was typically after one of her children had bonked their head or fallen down or had experienced a consequence for some undesirable behavior. Or perhaps more of a grudging respect.

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But I had no idea that pollen… Read More Pollen. Skip to content February 14, October 23, October 8,

Practically Perfect Practically Perfect
Practically Perfect Practically Perfect
Practically Perfect Practically Perfect
Practically Perfect Practically Perfect
Practically Perfect Practically Perfect
Practically Perfect Practically Perfect

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