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Netherland’s First Strip Club, located on Stadhouderskade 64, in Amsterdam

Learn more Method 1. Make sure you have your ID and wallet. Check to see if the club has a dress code by asking the bouncer. Some strip clubs will have specific policies regarding what you can wear into the club. For example, tank tops, large gold chains, or white shoes could be prohibited.

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Ask the bouncer if there is a cover charge. Before you try to walk into a strip club, you need to know if you need to pay a charge to enter.

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Show your ID to the bouncer. Near the entrance of the strip club will be a bouncer who is monitoring who comes and goes. If the strip club has a cover charge, pay the bouncer to let you in.

What’s the standard tipping protocol?

Order a drink at the bar when you get into the club. The drinks at strip clubs are often overpriced but are how the club makes much of its money because the dancers are often contract employees.

Many strip clubs have a drink minimum or require that you order a drink every 30 minutes in order to stay in the club. Find a seating area for you and your group.


Inside the UK’s first LGBTQ+ strip club | Dazed

Method 2. Check for posted rules of conduct. The rules and etiquette of strip clubs can vary widely, especially in regards to things like tipping and touching. Ask the price before you agree to anything. How much would that cost?

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Respect the dancers, bouncers, and bartenders. Strippers are human beings who deserve respect just like anybody else. Many dancers enjoy working at a strip club. Avoid drinking too much alcohol. Method 3.


Park in a secure location if you drive. Some strip clubs will have a private parking lot that is monitored by security. Be safe and park somewhere visible and near the bouncers or security of the strip club. Designate a driver if you plan to drink. Many people go to a strip club to relax and have fun.

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  • Drinking alcohol is often a part of going to a strip club. If you do plan to drink and you drove to the strip club, make sure you have someone sober to drive home when you leave. Take an Uber or a Lyft if everyone in your group plans to drink. Using a ridesharing app is a great way to save costs on parking and make sure you and your friends get to the strip club and get home safely. Download a ridesharing app to your smartphone to order a ride to the strip club and then home when the night is over. With little fanfare, trans activist and performer Lucia Blake has thrown a surprise party for close queer friends and allies; the dance-floor is packed with punters decked out in glamorous looks, all of whom cluster around the performers to cheer and shout with delight.

    As clothes are slowly removed, specially-designed dollars fly through the air. After a while the music drops and Lucia steps on-stage to address the vast crowd. The surprise announcement? Lucia experienced this exclusion first-hand while hunting for stripping jobs. This desire for trans women in particular reveals itself regularly in porn surveys.

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    A high-profile foursome this year marked a breakthrough, indicating that trans porn was now properly going mainstream. Harpies is about making that attraction public, but also encouraging punters to talk to dancers; to sit in a booth, spend time with them and listen to their experiences.

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    • We want to humanise trans people. Money is important from a business perspective, but when cash takes precedence over the wellbeing of strippers, things can get dodgy and dangerous. We will be paying all of our dancers just for showing up, ensuring that nobody goes home with negative cash — and dancers will keep all of their earnings and not just a percentage, which happens in almost every other club. Men are, of course, more than welcome to attend. This variety is unusual in the context of mainstream clubs, which sometimes ban women from entering as customers.

      Lucia argues that even the ones that do allow women to get private dances treat it in an almost comedic way.

      Our First Strip Club Our First Strip Club
      Our First Strip Club Our First Strip Club
      Our First Strip Club Our First Strip Club
      Our First Strip Club Our First Strip Club
      Our First Strip Club Our First Strip Club
      Our First Strip Club Our First Strip Club
      Our First Strip Club Our First Strip Club
      Our First Strip Club Our First Strip Club
      Our First Strip Club

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