Northern Kentucky (Black America Series)

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Boyd is buried in an unmarked grave at Spring Grove Cemetery. Peter H.

African-American coal miners on life in Appalachia

Both the Republican and Democratic parties promised to repeal the laws for 15 years, but in Clark joined the Democratic Party and supported the gubernatorial campaign of Hoadly, his friend and fellow Unitarian church member. Hoadly also promised to appoint African Americans to political posts. Hoadly kept his promises, securing the repeal of most of the Black Laws early in his term and naming prominent African Americans to a number of positions.

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The major unresolved issue was a proposal for mixed-race schools. Clark became principal of Gaines High School and the first teacher hired by the integrated school system. In , the Cincinnati School Board fired him for his political views, claiming he was a socialist. Clark, along with James Pressley Ball , was an abolitionist. Ball was also an internationally known photographer specializing in daguerreotypist photography.

The exhibit was also featured at the Ohio State Fair.

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In , a tornado destroyed his studio, the Ball and Thomas Gallery, which he owned with his brother-in-law. Grant and Frederick Douglass. Ball, along with artist Robert S. Duncanson, helped maintain Cincinnati as an artistic hub. His historic photographs are worth millions and are helping our photographic memories get sharper and sharper.

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  • Gina Ruffin Moore. Sarah Mayrant Fossett. Peter Farley Fossett. Henry Boyd. This presentation concerns the Medici family of Florence, Italy, which was a long-standing political dynasty and a vital source of intellectual and artistic patronage in the Renaissance period. Gilderbloom argues that the cheapest and fastest way to spark neighborhood revitalization is painting a home chromatically with bright vivid colors. John I. Gilderbloom will teach audiences how to reimagine their neighborhood and create beauty, lovability, and prosperity.

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    Gilderbloom shows how this was done in Kentucky to spark pride. Once upon a time we had a very different idea about how the Earth was structured than we do today. It took Christopher Columbus to upset that idea. His encountering the Americas both paved the way for Copernicus to envision an Earth that turned, and removed a little supernatural from the world. Today, we seem to be in the midst of a great revolution in our view of the universe — and Star Wars is pre-revolution. Star Wars is set in a wonderfully imaginative universe that features a profusion of cool planets, cooler alien life forms, and the coolest space ships.

    This presentation will argue that science and history strongly suggest that the universe seen in Star Wars — universe full of intelligent, technologically advanced extraterrestrial life; that is, full of Space Aliens — is simply not plausible. Abbey of Gethsemani. Shaker Village. The Ark Encounter. Snake handlers. Sister Spalding. Revivals at Asbury. Alexander Campbell. Race Track Chaplaincy of America. Shaped-note hymnals. Catherine Motherhouse. Amish neighbors.


    Kentucky Holocaust survivors. This visual and hands-on presentation travels through the Bluegrass to show diverse elements of our rich religious history. We communicate in four ways — reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Even though we spend more time listening than the other skills, we are rarely taught how to listen.

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    Poor listening skills will increase stress and hurt relationships, as well as contribute to poor performance in school and at work. Participants will identify their listening style and how to practice what great listeners do through a new strategy called E. Explore the heart of the art of storytelling with award-winning storyteller and writer Mary Hamilton, author of Kentucky Folktales: Revealing Stories, Truths, and Outright Lies. Using examples from her oral and written repertoire, Hamilton shines light on what storytelling is and how it functions both as a performing art and as an essential element of everyday life.

    Kentuckians have long entertained each other by stretching the truth to impossibility. Using selections from her oral repertoire and her book, Kentucky Folktales: Revealing Stories, Truths, and Outright Lies , Hamilton examines the traditional and evolving contemporary uses of tall tale telling. Dread, deception, death, and dismemberment — such are the ingredients of Kentucky tales that have fed nightmares for generations.

    In this talk, Hamilton shares sample stories and reveals who told them, who collected them, and how she came to add them to her repertoire and publish them in her book, Kentucky Folktales: Revealing Stories, Truths, and Outright Lies. The war in Vietnam tore our nation apart like few other events in its history. It divided neighbors, colleagues, and churches. It divided fathers and sons, even among top U. It helped trigger cultural wars that have lasted to the present.

    Can you say "pumpkin spice?"

    It still haunts us even as we commemorate its 50th anniversary. This presentation will seek to explain why this war was so traumatic and divisive and will examine the way we as a nation have attempted to deal with these divisions in its aftermath. It will take a special look at the impact of the war on Kentucky and Kentuckians.

    Abraham Lincoln is known as a child of the frontier, a brilliant storyteller, writer, debater, a successful small-town lawyer, a leader of his nation during its most desperate crisis, and a pretty fair amateur military strategist. What is not so well known is his remarkable success while president as the architect of U. Diplomacy was crucial to the outcome of the Civil War. Lincoln proved an adept crisis manager. A drive straight across the Bluegrass State takes nearly eight hours. From rip-roaring barn dances in Rabbit Hash to the silent reverence of the monks at the Abbey of Gethsemani, the Commonwealth is chock-full of timeless landmarks.

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    This presentation will highlight fun and educational destinations to help Kentuckians of all ages explore the amazing and irreplaceable things that make the state one of a kind. This presentation will dish out the rich culinary traditions of Kentucky and discuss how the culture and history of the state are woven through its bourbon and its food.

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    Do you have a true story from your life that you have been wanting to write down? What is a memoir, and how does one get started writing one? In this workshop we will read and discuss some short excerpts of memoirs and begin writing a piece of our own.

    Northern Kentucky (Black America Series) Northern Kentucky (Black America Series)
    Northern Kentucky (Black America Series) Northern Kentucky (Black America Series)
    Northern Kentucky (Black America Series) Northern Kentucky (Black America Series)
    Northern Kentucky (Black America Series) Northern Kentucky (Black America Series)
    Northern Kentucky (Black America Series) Northern Kentucky (Black America Series)
    Northern Kentucky (Black America Series) Northern Kentucky (Black America Series)
    Northern Kentucky (Black America Series) Northern Kentucky (Black America Series)
    Northern Kentucky (Black America Series) Northern Kentucky (Black America Series)

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