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They sifted through high school yearbooks and found graduating seniors who featured photos of themselves as infants. Then they asked several hundred college students to rate the the individuals -- in infancy and in adulthood -- for attractiveness.

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There was no correlation between attractiveness in infancy and young adulthood. Some ugly ducklings turned into swans, some baby swans become ugly ducks. Some gawky, awkward babies remained that way into their senior year of high school. And some beautiful babies kept their glow through the years. This was true of males and females alike.

Cuteness -- or homeliness -- in infancy does not predict future attractiveness. The gold standard of baby beauty -- the forehead, the eyes, the thighs -- is universal. These preferences are hard-wired in us to elicit care and protection, while the perception of adult beauty is tempered by culture.

Cute babies are universal positives. In this light, it's OK that mine gets attention now. The future will be much less predictable. Beauty is the materialization of principles of harmony, balance, art and grace. If you happen to have those characteristics materialized in yourself since you were born, you will have them forever and be blessed throughout your life.

1. "I felt kind of bad for the kid..."

I also know incredibly beautiful people who committed suicide, they were 'beautiful' yet they could not handle life, what does that mean? I agree with this. Just because you're beautiful, doesn't mean that everything is all happiness and fun. Sometimes you get treated like shit by a evil and jealous sister who keeps trying to bring you down on a daily basis.

Just like Cinderella's story and Snow White's, jealousy was everything to make the villains downfall and torture the protagonist. Sorry but to me ALL babies are ugly. It's not until they look more human and less alien say about 4 or so that their attractiveness or lack thereof starts to emerge.

And some children are so fugly yet oddly attractive as adults that you suspect a few furtive visits to the cosmetic surgeons were made. I don't agree with this study at all sorry. What has happened so many times is the boring and ugly unpopular looking kids go through puberty and they blossom, and a lot of middle school hotties get deformed after puberty.

Its so true, look at all the adorable and attractive hollywood all american children and where they are now, Macauley Culkin, Blake McIver and Gabby Hoffman were the cutest kids ever, but now, barf!

So if your child is good looking now and charming everyone at school, that all can change soon. No Lie, I am speaking as an ugly woman herself. This post is bs.

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Everyone blossoms at different times in their life. I was good looking up till the age of 12 then I became the fat ugly pimple faced ugly duckling.

Ugly babies are real even if we won't admit it

I'm now obese adult who fucked up her eyebrows and is not attractive at all. I could of been good looking but some of the shit I've done to myself is irreversible. Then I might at least look decent. I used to be an ugly duckling as a baby then a tomboy.

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  5. I never cared about makeup etc. I still don't. People do tell me I'm pretty when I reached adulthood. Do I really care what others think? He might not be. But say your friend reacts like this: OMG, what a gorgeous baby! AW, sooooo cute. You have a little bit more of a hint that you could be parading around an ugly baby, unaware.

    Get off your high horse and get down on the stable floors with me.

    A new study examines whether attractiveness in infancy is predictive

    We both know that once you cross into your 30s and more and more people start having families the tenor of mean-girl conversation turns to this. If you trick them, you might be able to figure out if those someones are your friends. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription.

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    How to Avoid “Your Baby is Ugly” Syndrome

    Sign Out. No amount of staring will tell you if your baby is ugly. Photo: Getty Images. As Liz points out, even your most blunt friend isn't going to tell you your baby "will hopefully grown into their looks" but there is some easy decoding of their reactions you can do. So, if a friend says, "' Wow, look at his expression! What a smart-looking baby. She is searching and working, hard, to compliment him in departments other than looks. I sent the wrong pic. And if she reacts the same way, refusing to rely on physical compliments? He might be.

    He might not be. That is the most beautiful baby I've ever seen. AW, sooooo cute. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights.

    I Have a Severe Phobia of Ugly People - VICE

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    No More Ugly Babies No More Ugly Babies
    No More Ugly Babies No More Ugly Babies
    No More Ugly Babies No More Ugly Babies
    No More Ugly Babies No More Ugly Babies
    No More Ugly Babies No More Ugly Babies
    No More Ugly Babies No More Ugly Babies
    No More Ugly Babies No More Ugly Babies

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