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Radical reformers, such as Martin Luther King, fired by biblical truth and God's love, were moved in response and wow, did that change things! Yes, the church is always in need of reformation, but the right kind of reformation. Some churches need to rediscover their God-given purpose, some need to demolish old structures that strangle new life, some need to stop confusing ritual with reality, while others need to get a good dose of God's truth, power and vision.

The underlying implication of Harris' comments is that the Christian church as a whole is dying, but if it only embraced humanism, it would be saved. How blind!

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There are a number of great churches around Dunedin, both Catholic and Protestant, that are full of people, young and old, who can testify to the reality of God. These churches are vibrantly alive, although their structures and music may be quite dissimilar. They believe in historic biblical truth, they care, they serve and they are inclusive on God's terms. When a church has people with a living relationship with the living God, and when that church honours biblical truth and seeks to show God's love in society, people will be touched and transformed.

It is love with truth that changes people, and that is why the much maligned born-again experience is so critical.

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As one who had a life-transforming encounter with the living God in the deep bush of Fiordland many years ago, without having been near a church for years, I can testify to the reality of being born again. For some time I attended a church in Wellington that grew in about eight years to about mainly young people. You see, humanism in Christian drag may fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.

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Friday, 19 November Robert Ray is back in Gold! Theme music is provided by Sturdy Fred. Recorded for release on Erin is with us for the annual waging of the War on the War on the War on Christmas. Support us at atheistnomads. Contact us at contact atheistnomads. Contact us on Speakpipe or email us at contact atheistnomads.

On this week's episode Erin Riley is back and we talk about a lost of missionaries behaving badly, satanic stuff, and the anti-vax movement's successes in driving up disease rates. A True Story of Murder in the Arctic which is about the murderous cult you never heard of that rose up in the midst of a recently contacted and converted Inuit community in We talk about other black marks missionaries have left on the Tundra and a bit about h Gary Mitchell is back and we talk about Trump's attacks on the press, impressive voter numbers, Mississippi senator's public hanging joke, Ohio's heartbeat bill, a public school teacher making her students memorize Bible verses, an atheist winning lawsuit over being thrown out of a city council meeting, and more!

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The Case Against Faith The book is available in paperback or on Kindle and can be purchased through this Amazon affiliate This week Merry is back and we talk about Quebec's hypocritical plan to remove religious symbols from government, the Pope blaming the devil, Mormon's blaming the LGBTQ community on Satan, the SDA church's unity through division and more.

Jason Ward is back for his second time and we talk about Kavanaugh's confirmation, the Oath of Citizenship, atheist's being blocked, Saga, and more! Remember, if you want to save the app, you need to act fast. One goes to the person who donates the most for our We are joined by Josh Hansen.

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  8. In the news we have Kavanaugh, a church responding to anti-gay vandalism, a faith healing documentary, crazy NM cult, US Senate resolution to repeal blasphemy laws, the Hayabusa 2 rover, and Iceland's proposed ban on circumcision. We also discuss raising children without religion. Justin Murray is an atheist who has applied to be a chaplain with the Australian armed forces. Since only Christians and Jews are allowed to be chaplains, his application was rejected as was his application for an exemption to that requirement. He has since filed a complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission and will have a hearing so It's just Dustin and Lauren and we talk about what blowhards had to say about the Hurricane, Patreon weirdness, PayPal giving in to 8chan, YouTube radicalization, bad things happening to school curricula, and more.

    Sark police chief says his tiny Channel island - with population of just - is 'awash' with crooks and More than Barclays branches will stay OPEN for another two years as bank vows not to close 'last in Terrifying call captures moment a vicious thug forced his way into his ex-girlfriend's home to beat her My wife was given her parents' bungalow 19 years ago and now we want to sell it, can we move in to cut our France lurch towards World Cup chaos yet again with calls for players to stage mutiny against coaches ahead Mother whose daughter suffers with separation anxiety praises simple trick that stops school gate tears Vinnie Jones' daughter Kaley, 32, reveals her parents taught her the 'meaning of real love' No dad bod here!

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    Ad Feature Too many turmeric supplements to choose from? Could this Cambridge company provide the answer? Extinction Rebellion vegans shouting 'beef equals grief' force out Smithfield Market meat traders as fellow Extinction Rebellion hit back at Boris Johnson after he called them 'nose-ringed crusties in hemp-smelling Good Lord what a racket! Tory peer Andrew Fraser emerges in his dressing gown to confront drum-banging Syrian man hijacks a truck and ploughs into cars in Germany, injuring nine people before shouting 'Allah' as Bridesmaids are mocked for wearing dresses that resemble 'garbage bags' and BLUE sneakers - with one joking Triple murder suspect, 32, SPITS at public gallery from behind glass shield in dock as he appears in court Viagra user says his 'month-long' erection left him impotent after doctors 'mutilated' his penis to fix side

    Ian Harris: The Rejected Ex Ian Harris: The Rejected Ex
    Ian Harris: The Rejected Ex Ian Harris: The Rejected Ex
    Ian Harris: The Rejected Ex Ian Harris: The Rejected Ex
    Ian Harris: The Rejected Ex Ian Harris: The Rejected Ex
    Ian Harris: The Rejected Ex Ian Harris: The Rejected Ex
    Ian Harris: The Rejected Ex Ian Harris: The Rejected Ex
    Ian Harris: The Rejected Ex Ian Harris: The Rejected Ex

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