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The Basic Rules of a Gluten Free Diet

With a healthy gut, we digest food correctly helping us absorb all the right nutrients needed to feel awesome. The state of our immune system, skin, hair and energy also all rely on […]. Medsafe is seeking to follow international standards to improve labelling of non-active substances called excipients in medicines sold in New Zealand. Unlike foods, most […]. There are many foods you can still enjoy on a gluten free diet.

Gluten free food falls into the following categories: Naturally Gluten Free Foods Many foods are naturally gluten free. These include: fresh fruit, vegetables, rice, potato, corn, plain meat not sausages , fish, eggs, cheese, milk, most yoghurts, pulses peas, beans and lentils , fats and oils. However there are many imported products which are not labelled under the New Zealand food labelling law. Products displaying the Crossed Grain logo These are certified by Coeliac New Zealand, and are independently tested to be safe for people, with coeliac disease and those on a gluten free diet.

So look for products that carry the Crossed Grain Logo when doing your grocery shopping, it provides assurance that a product is safe and will eliminate the need for label reading. Products that are Gluten Free by Ingredient In New Zealand and Australia any ingredient in a product that is derived from wheat, rye, barley or oats, must be declared on the ingredients panel.

Celiac Disease Foundation

Note though that this only applies to products that are manufactured in New Zealand and Australia. Why do I need to avoid oats? Research by our patron Dr Robert Anderson has shown that approximately one in five people with coeliac disease react to pure, uncontaminated oats. This is currently the only test that can say whether it is safe for you to consume oats on a gluten free diet.

Talk to your Dr.

Once you start your gluten-free diet your symptoms should gradually improve and your gut will start to heal. It can take from 6 months to five years and sometimes longer for your gut to fully heal. Coeliacs need strict gluten-free diet for life.

Going Gluten-Free One Step at a Time Infographic - The Gluten Intolerance Group of North America

Eating even small amounts of gluten can trigger your immune system and cause your symptoms to return, so adherence to a coeliac-safe gluten free diet is important for long-term health. Recognise the common sources of gluten and what to avoid and always check food labels to ensure the food you are consuming is gluten free. First things first: What is gluten anyway?

According to Abby Olson, R. So, in addition to bread, you can find gluten in things like pasta, crackers, and even candy and processed meats. With a gluten allergy, a person might experience symptoms like itching and swelling in their nose and throat, a rash, wheezing, or anaphylaxis, according to the United European Gastroenterology Journal.

With a gluten sensitivity or intolerance, a person might experience GI issues like gas or bloating, joint inflammation, fatigue, or mood changes when eating foods that contain gluten, says Olson.

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Celiac disease, Olson says, is a more serious version of an intolerance. These are all legitimate reasons to avoid gluten—bread is great, but not feeling like your insides are being torn apart or, in the case of celiac disease, avoiding possible longterm damage is even better.

How to Lose Weight on a Gluten Free Diet

Researchers found that those who were never diagnosed with any kind of gluten intolerance never experienced any symptoms after consuming 14 grams of gluten daily for two weeks. Whole grains can even help decrease your risk of developing certain types of cancer, such as colorectal cancer and neck cancer.

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And whole grains contain other nutrients your body needs , too, such as fiber, B vitamins, iron, copper, zinc, and magnesium—all of which are necessary to improve your performance as a runner. Gluten-free products, on the other hand, tend to be stripped of the nutrients whole grains provide.

And according to Olson, gluten-free products may contain added sugars to enhance flavor. Over time, consuming too much added sugars in your diet can up your risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease. So why is everyone afraid of gluten?

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Going Gluten-Free Going Gluten-Free
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Going Gluten-Free Going Gluten-Free
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