Girl in the Mirror: Two Stories

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She was shaking and appeared genuinely terrified and refused to talk about the incident, but those who were around her when she came out noticed that her clenched fingers were covered in blood.

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Read more scary stories and creepy urban legends. Mary is said to be a witch who was executed a hundred years ago for plying the black arts, or a woman of more modern times who died in a local car accident in which her face was hideously mutilated.

Girl Before A Mirror by Pablo Picasso

That legend more properly attaches to Elizabeth Bathory, a Hungarian countess who lived from to Mary I of England was anything but a famed beauty terrified of losing her looks — she was a matronly, fortyish woman who had about as much sense of style as a dust mop. The idea of her bathing in the blood of slaughtered virgins to preserve her loveliness is ludicrous. That bringing the country back to Catholicism would also safeguard her throne was also a major consideration. Mary I was the half sister of Elizabeth I Though this Mary was indeed a vain and foolish woman, history does not know her as a murderous one.

Well, she did have a hand in doing away with a husband.

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In lore, as elsewhere, coincidences occur. Why would otherwise rational youngsters want to risk setting a murderous spirit on the rampage? Gail de Vos offers the following explanation:. So why do children continue to summon Bloody Mary, flirting with danger and possible tragedy?

This is the period when children need to satisfy their craving for excitement by participating in ritual games and playing in the dark. They are constantly looking for a safe way to extract pleasure and release anxiety and fears. There are a number of variations of these divinations, some involving chanting a rhyme in a darkened room on a special night and then quickly looking in the mirror to catch a glimpse of the bridegroom-to-be.

The concept of mirrors as portals between this world and the realm of spirits shows up in other beliefs, namely those surrounding funerals. It was common practice to cover mirrors in a house where a death had occurred until the body was taken for burial. Girl in the Mirror is a short story about an elderly woman, Ellie, who lives in a house in which she keeps all of the mirrors covered with black sheets. The woman's granddaughter, Lila, has never questioned this habit and is startled to see that both her grandmother and the old house scare her friends.

Moving on a few years and it is Lila's wedding day, she drives to her grandmothers house to change into her dress and the desire to see herself in her dress overwhelms her obedience and she disobeys her grandmother and pulls off one of the black sheets covering a large mirror. What she finds underneath alters the course of her life forever. What starts as an unsettling story, turns into something truly horrific as Cecelia Ahern delves into a darker world than we have ever seen her dabble in before.

Book Review: Girl in the Mirror/The Memory Maker by Cecelia Ahern

This short story is possibly one of the most effective Cecelia has written, exploring a dark side to the magical worlds she delights in creating. It is hard not to draw parallels with Tim Burtons film Coraline, as the two stories have many overlapping elements to them. This story does not have a happy ending like Coraline or Cecelia's previous work however, and leads the reader to it's rather horrifying conclusion.

The ending is abrupt and unexpected, and is certainly not fulfilling for any fan of Cecelia's as the "bad guy", for a lack of a better word, gets to live their life happily ever after, where the protagonist settles for a second rate life, without even trying to set things right. This is a notion that Cecelia has never explored in her books, as she always wraps her stories up well; all the characters learn an important lesson and lives are improved because of it, but this is not the case with Girl in the Mirror.

The Memory Maker is the second story featured in the book which revolves around a man who makes a machine that can fabricate memories. Intrigued by colour photographs, Nicholas checks for information about the Russian Royal Family. When Jo and Louisa come into the room, Nicholas asks Jo where she got the book and demands that she tell him if the information is correct. Jo says that the book was given to her by her Dad and that the information is correct. Nicholas reveals to Jo and Louisa that he is Alexei Nikolaevich , the son of the Tsar, and that it is his family who had been executed.

Sir Ivor's treachery is finally revealed. Instead of caring for Nicholas, Sir Ivor had actually brought Nicholas to New Zealand so that he could 'sell' Nicholas to the highest bidder — Russian Bolsheviks, who want to take Nicholas back to Russia with them so that Nicholas, the last surviving member of the Russian Royal Family, can be publicly executed.

Jo asks her school friend, Tama, a science student, to assist her and Louisa and Nicholas. When Louisa and Tama meet for the first time, they instantly fall for each other - with the romantic bond between them deepening as time passes. There is also a romantic bond between Jo and Nicholas. Sir Ivor, who had earlier taken Nicholas' family signet ring saying it was for the ring's 'safekeeping' , calls for Nicholas to be brought to him and then takes the ring from a desk drawer.

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Sir Ivor drops the ring into a container of toxic waste - in front of the horrified Nicholas - and warns Nicholas not to attempt to retrieve his ring from the container. Later, Nicholas, who requires his family signet ring as proof of his identity, tells Jo that the container of toxic waste is safe, as he has hidden it in the well. Jo is horrified at this and now considers Nicholas to be the person responsible for the harm which had befallen her friends at the school.

Nicholas promises her that everything would be okay. With the help of Tama, and the technology of , a neutralising agent for the toxic waste is discovered, and a sufficient quantity is manufactured to render the waste in the container safe.

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  • Sir Ivor holds a ball, to which members of the New Zealand's high society has been invited including Louisa's parents. While waiting at the fence for a chance for Nicholas to go to the yard to pour the neutralising agent in the container, music can be heard from Sir Ivor's ballroom and Nicholas teaches Jo to dance the old way. During the dance, Nicholas and Jo kiss each other, and Louisa and Tama shyly hold hands. Back in , Jo's parents are very worried that Jo is back in , and they decide to confront the elderly owner of the antique shop over the matter.

    They are surprised when the old man welcomes them and comments that they are expected.

    Brute who raped girl, 2, for five hours until she died will be executed

    The elderly man tells them everything, and his true identity is revealed — he upsets Jo's parents when he states that he and Jo would marry in and that Jo would not be returning to Meanwhile, back in , Nicholas pours the neutralising agent into the container. Although he is successful in neutralising the toxic waste, it will still remain harmful for many years after However, it will be safe in Nicholas is able to travel through the mirror to and retrieve his ring. However, when he attempts to return to through the mirror with the ring, he discovers that he is unable to do so because the ring already exists in Nicholas is given two choices — he can return to without the ring and, therefore, without him being able to prove his identity , or he can stay in with Jo.

    After he makes his choice the mirror begins to ripple and everyone must get to the time period they wish to remain in before the mirror vanishes from both periods.

    Girl in the Mirror: Two Stories Girl in the Mirror: Two Stories
    Girl in the Mirror: Two Stories Girl in the Mirror: Two Stories
    Girl in the Mirror: Two Stories Girl in the Mirror: Two Stories
    Girl in the Mirror: Two Stories Girl in the Mirror: Two Stories
    Girl in the Mirror: Two Stories Girl in the Mirror: Two Stories
    Girl in the Mirror: Two Stories Girl in the Mirror: Two Stories
    Girl in the Mirror: Two Stories Girl in the Mirror: Two Stories
    Girl in the Mirror: Two Stories Girl in the Mirror: Two Stories

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