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And the bedroom with the large terrace.

Trump Faces a Fight over Downsizing National Monuments

What a darling room! Too bad the gorgeous closet is downstairs!

I would make this my master bedroom. It is so cozy with this ceiling. Look at this! The upstairs two dormers facing the front, the barn doors and window seats. Sale pending HERE. Hello, I am Theresa Williams After being in relationship with Anderson for years, he broke up with me, I did everything possible to bring him back but all was in vain, I wanted him back so much because of the love I have for him, I begged him with everything, I made promises but he refused. I explained my problem to my friend and she suggested that I should rather contact a spell caster that could help me cast a spell to bring him back but I am the type that never believed in spell, I had no choice than to try it, I mailed the spell caster, and he told me there was no problem that everything will be okay before three days, that my ex will return to me before three days, he cast the spell and surprisingly in the second day, it was around 4pm.

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I think the wine rack may be for rolled up towels. Just a guess. I thought it was a wine rack. Just ignore me. I look at every single detail and sometimes fail to see the big picture!!!! What a post bro it feeling I went heaven even if NMK sleeping in night dream about such home.

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I would think those glass front doors offer 1 no security, 2 no privacy and 3 no insulation. One of my siblings spent much time fixing up my parents' house to sell after they died. Not at all in the same league as these homes, and not in Texas but in the Midwest. It got bought by a flipper, who painted everything white that my sibling hadn't already painted white, and who put in a cheap finished basement my parents had finished the basement but it was looking a lot less finished half a century later. The flipper, who clearly had invested very little in improvements--just some sheetrock and paint sold it for twice the price to ANOTHER flipper, who painted the refinished oak floors white the floors had been carpeted the entire time my family lived there and were in perfect shape and sold it for an even higher price.

We are looking to downsize, and I'm thinking about what to do to make the most of the place. People here are much more into color. Lots of deep red going on not chez moi, aside from the marble counters in the kitchen. Interesting to contrast the differences across countries.

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The interiors above seem a little sterile. They are like perfectly blown-out blondes with their painted-on eyebrows and contoured cheeks--nothing out of place, no faults, but without personality. But maybe that's because all the personal stuff was taken out for photos? Contrast with your own home, where your and Ben's passions and collections are on display. Your home is impeccable, but it also looks like a home, a real place for living, and not like a Sears catalog. Great comment, as usual.

Wait just wait until you see what my house looks like now! How many flippers does one house need? That happened to our too. I know the houses down here in the south are nothing like the ones up north. It's so regional. Take care! I recently looked up your former home and don't know whether the pictures on the sale site are current.

If they are, the flipper did a great job. Now, you have to find a way to move back in. Hello Joni, I guess that if I buy a house I will save a bundle, since most of the time I like the pre-renovated versions better, especially when an older house was used as the basis.

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Of course, I am an old-house person, and my ideal would be an original Greek revival or midth century Villa style house, with as many unrestored original features as possible. I especially would not know what to do with a fancy wine cellar, since I do not drink alcohol! In fact, I am not sure how impressed I would be with someone who is so absorbed in wine that they have to keep such a supply of it within arm's reach.

Another thing I just noticed when flipping though the pictures again.

दुर्गा पूजा का आयोजन बना राजनीति का अखाड़ा

Usually in your posts often of your own homes I love exploring the decoration-scapes, looking at table-tops and shelves for interesting objects and arrangements. Here, you rightly focused on the architectural and major-decor choices, such as carpets, but there is hardly one interesting or nuanced object in the whole lot of pictures. In other words, these interiors are completely non-personalized, and what furnishings are there look like they were obtained all at once. Perhaps this is because they are too recently remodeled for any living to have transpired, but the total effect leaves me cold.

However, I did have a walk-in closet in one of my rented houses, and I loved it. Well - one thing to remember, when you sell a house, the realtor goes around and tells you what to edit and what to keep.

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They are looking to present a more pristine house with less clutter. That's probably what you are noticing. It's been highly edited. I am not impressed with any of these renovations As others have stated, some of the befores were better than the afters. Also, I wanted to say that while I was shocked to see that you and Ben have sold your previous home and moved, I certainly understand your reasoning and applaud your decisions. Your new apartment is so "you" so that means I love it! Looking forward to Part III!

Don't be shocked!!! Part III will be a shocker. Stay tuned. I luv going through homes While good looking, I think the black iron glass doors and windows are trendy and will look dated within years. Plus there is no privacy, which would drive me bonkers at nght, when everyone on the street could see everything going on in your home.

It is true you could invest thousands in door drapes, but that would be a pain to open and close them every morning and evening. It looks like the dark floor trend is now gone since all of these floors are light wood. I cut the cord on cable and don't get HGTV anymore, so have not kept up with remodel trends. I must say that I like all of these interiors, but would not choose them for myself, because I need more color in my home.

Scrolling through these trendy photos, I'm thinking that very wealthy people may buy these homes and not even worry that everything will look dated in a few years, because when that happens they will simply move or remodel. That takes a lot of money and effort. I would prefer to have a classic home interior, updated occasionally with new pillow, lamps, etc. It's one thing to update your wardrobe every few years, but quite another thing to completely update your interior furnishings every few years! But to redo the floor in a light stain - it has to be a pretty floor to begin with.

Love the interior of the townhome, beautifully done Great post, and I too, look forward to part 3! I think a lot of them are updating the facade. I noticed on google earth some had added a greenhouse room. I am from the east coast and that facade was so beautiful to me, reminiscent of Annapolis and Georgetown townhomes that are years old. The updated version was jarring to my taste.

But, that's what makes the world go 'round, right??

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I like them both. The original was very attractive, but the new is sooooooo pretty!!! I love, love, love finding your email tucked right in the middle of my work emails. I don't care what I'm working on at the time I see it. I abandon it all to click and escape as long I can into your blog and those endless photos. Thank you for your efforts, your time, your insights, ideas and cheeky comments. So much fun!

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Joni, you are a marvel and a good teacher, especially for those of us who are somewhat oblivious to all detail! I hope you will consider a piece on lighting, especially for people who expect to be able to read well wherever they sit. I notice that many rooms are not lighted for reading and think that a curious and unfortunate thing.

Lots of good stuff to think about.

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  4. Great post as usual Joni! I live in the Atlanta suburbs and the trend here is what I call "Fancy Farmhouse". White exteriors for sure, dark window frames are fading out, lots of shiplap, even when it is not appropriate.

    Downsized 2: Stripped, Act One Downsized 2: Stripped, Act One
    Downsized 2: Stripped, Act One Downsized 2: Stripped, Act One
    Downsized 2: Stripped, Act One Downsized 2: Stripped, Act One
    Downsized 2: Stripped, Act One Downsized 2: Stripped, Act One
    Downsized 2: Stripped, Act One Downsized 2: Stripped, Act One
    Downsized 2: Stripped, Act One Downsized 2: Stripped, Act One
    Downsized 2: Stripped, Act One Downsized 2: Stripped, Act One
    Downsized 2: Stripped, Act One Downsized 2: Stripped, Act One

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