Deadly Vision (Til Death)

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And they're more intimate than ever before. A love he can't forget. He's a fool. Not only is Special Agent Gil Grant unable to catch a break on his newest case, he's stuck fantasizing about a woman he pushed away. All because of one fatal mistake.

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A moment he can't undo. But after leaving Fallon with nothing more than a few words scribbled across a piece of paper, he's got little chance of ever winning her back.

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A slow descent into darkness. When a twist in fate reunites them, Fallon is powerless against the undeniable heat that still simmers between them.

She knows becoming lovers, again, is more than dangerous, especially when her visions are their only hope at finding a killer before he strikes again. But can she trust Gil with the truth, knowing it might be what finally destroys their chance at happiness?

Or will the city's newest serial killer claim her as his final victim? The way the motion jiggled her breasts, making her nipples arch higher on her chest. He could almost taste the sweet fruity perfection of her skin, mixed with a hint of salty sweat.

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Even that turned him on. Her body would be hot and slick, the smell of sex and sweat lingering on her skin. Her voice drifted along the breeze as she threw her helmet on the ground and shrugged her CamelBak off her shoulders. He smiled. She was pissed, and that made his plan even easier. He snuck out, keeping his body low as he moved towards her. She was huffing out her breath and running her fingers through her hair. She never once looked over her back as he straightened up behind her. He did his best to cushion her fall, rolling his body on top of hers.


His back hit the hard dirt a moment before she pounced on top of him, holding a small Swiss army knife to his throat. He watched as her eyes went wide, and her grip weakened. She cursed as her shoulders hit the ground, knocking her breath out in a loud huff. She growled at him and immediately raised her hips again, but Gil was ready this time, and shifted his weight, locking her in place.

Gil smiled at the reluctant tone of her voice. She hated admitting defeat and had injected just enough anger into her voice to make him think she was serious.

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Fallon grunted, giving one more attempt to best him, before snorting out her breath. Another irritated sigh rumbled through her chest as she stared up at him. Now can you get off me?

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  6. Gil shook his head, lowering his body closer to hers. His smile widened when he felt her breathing hitch and her nipples harden against his chest.

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    4. First I want to know what in the hell made you try a stunt like that? Fallon fought for breath as she stared up at him, her eyes already darkening. What stunt? He rubbed her cock across her stomach, revelling in the breathy whimper that escaped her lips before she could pull them into a tight line.

      Deadly Vision ('Til Death, #1) by Kris Norris

      What in the hell made you think it was a good idea to try it? Fallon watched him for several moments, her tongue moistening her lips in a slow sweep across her mouth. Gil growled and shifted both her hands into one of his before pulling down on the neckline of her shirt until the upper part of her right shoulder was exposed. Fallon smiled at him, a wicked gleam in her eyes. Her smile widened.

      Deadly Vision (Til Death)
      Deadly Vision (Til Death)
      Deadly Vision (Til Death)
      Deadly Vision (Til Death)
      Deadly Vision (Til Death)
      Deadly Vision (Til Death)
      Deadly Vision (Til Death)

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