B52 Strike. Vietnam War Diary 1968 (Vietnam War Diaries)

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View Metrics. Email alerts New issue alert. The newest study reports that American troops returning from Iraq are more likely to report mental health problems than those coming back from Afghanistan. In addition, 35 percent of troops who served in Iraq used mental health services in their first year home, although only one-third of them had received a mental health diagnosis. Mental health problems were closely tied to posting location and combat exposure, the authors said.

The Vietnam War

Information for the new study was drawn from the three-page PostDeployment Health Assessment PDHA given to all service members upon their return from any deployment. The researchers followed , Army soldiers and Marines for up to one year or until they left the service. That figure represents 82 percent of all returning troops. The PDHA includes questions about depression, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, suicidal ideation, interpersonal relationships, and interest in receiving care.

Troops also are interviewed immediately after filling out the PDHA by a physician, nurse, or physician assistant who decides whether they should be referred for further evaluation or treatment. The latter rate is close to baseline levels from soldiers surveyed before initial service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The VVA veteran

Soldiers and Marines returning from Iraq were twice as likely to screen positive for PTSD as were those who had served in Afghanistan 9. There were only minor differences in mental-health issues when comparing active service troops with National Guard or Reserve members, but there were some gender differences. Overall, Veterans of Iraq were hospitalized more often during deployment 6. The need for mental health services is a function of combat experience, and ground service in Iraq entailed a greater exposure to combat, according to the PDHA data.

Compared with troops in Afghanistan, troops in Iraq more frequently saw comrades killed or wounded and were three times more likely to have fired their weapons. Half the soldiers and Marines in Iraq had felt in great danger of being killed, twice the rate of those who served in Afghanistan.

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According to an article in Psychiatric News the nature of the war and deployment practices may account for differences in mental health outcomes in the two theaters. Elspeth Cameron Ritchie, a psychiatry consultant to the U.

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Army surgeon general, said. In Vietnam, troops served only for one year. But those serving today in Iraq or Afghanistan may be there for a year, return, adjust to life back home, and then have to ship out again when their units are called up. They must face the threat of roadside bombs and stresses on family life at the same time.

That pressure was reflected in the use of mental health services. About 35 percent of Iraq veterans used mental health services in the year after they returned from overseas. The comparable rate for all active Army and Marine officers and enlistees has steadily risen in recent years, from As nearly everyone knows, the home of a VA analyst was burglarized and a laptop containing The precise breakdown of information on veterans versus Reserves versus active duty is not the important issue.

What is important is that personal information was potentially compromised, and we need to be aware and remain vigilant. As a result of this information loss, VVA joined other organizations and filed suit against the VA and Secretary Nicholson in his official capacity.

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The circumstances surrounding the information loss are still being investigated by law enforcement agencies as is a precise inventory of what information was compromised. We should assume that our personal information was compromised and remain aware. During times of stress, the good and bad of our fellow citizens surfaces. The good try to help and the bad attempt to take advantage of the situation. Businesses with lax ethical standards are trying to sell products to protect us. The phishers, pharmers, and scam artists are creating and using scams to get people to divulge information through e-mails and phone calls.

No reputable organization or company will ever ask for your account information over the phone or through an e-mail. Do not fall for this scam. If you have an ATM or debit card, do not enter your pin number at a store. There have been instances of bad employees using palm readers to copy card numbers and pins.

Do go to www. Do monitor your checking and savings account. Online banking lets you do this with little effort. Strange withdrawals are not good. It could be a test to see if the scanner has a valid account number. Do obtain your credit reports and monitor them regularly. There was a long fight to force the credit bureaus to supply this information.

Use it and look for strange accounts. Above all, contact your member of Congress, Senators, and State Representativesand express your concerns. This is not a partisan issue. We will not accomplish anything by attempting to turn it into one. This issue has been identified for a long time and the solutions have been resisted by the entrenched bureaucracy. This problem is also not only a VA problem.

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It is systemic in many federal and state agencies. Tell them to fix it now. Preston S. Dragon Mountain, Pleiku , 50 min.

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  • Camp J. Includes some narration but mostly captions. Please note!

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    Some scenes are extremely graphic. Includes excellent combat scenes, as well as Dak To Airfield seige during airlift of supplies by C-l30s, 50 minutes. Includes excellent aerial views of Dau Tieng Base Camp, as well as scenes shot around the base such as the messhall, control tower, headquarters, dispensary and more. Saigon: This video will bring back memories for anyone who spent time in Saigon during the Vietnam War.

    It provides an overview of day-to-day life in the city, including black market activities and Saigon's infamous nightlife and bar scene. Also includes excellent aerial views of the entire city, street scenes, hotels, government buildings, landmarks and the Saigon USO club, 60 minutes. Part one is a narrated film produced in by the South Vietnamese government.

    It is narrated in English and provides an overview of the fighting and aftermath of the battle in Saigon, primarily from the perspective of ARVN soldiers. Part II was shot during the battle by U. Army combat cameramen. Includes activities of the 1st and 25th Infantry Divisions. There is no narration, 35 minutes. PAGE 16 30 personal invitations for you to compare my custom handmade cigars, with the nifty up-market brands you are smoking now.

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    Not available for personalization. His son, Capt. Kevin Smith, served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan in But splashed across the paper and on every news outlet blared the warning that hurricane season starts today. It is projected to be another wild ride, with 17 named storms anticipated.

    europeschool.com.ua/profiles/besyzasa/divemotor-citas-online.php VVA has demonstrated a desire to help those stricken and has actually come through with that pledge. Those of us in the Gulf States and on the Southeastern Seaboard have been peppered over the past few months with questions about hurricane preparedness.

    We have been getting tracking maps, preparing our hurricane kits, and attending seminars throughout the region. If we, as an organization, want to continue to help, what can VVA members do? We hope that the first responders are getting their acts together. We, too, should benefit from lessons learned.

    B52 Strike. Vietnam War Diary 1968 (Vietnam War Diaries) B52 Strike. Vietnam War Diary 1968 (Vietnam War Diaries)
    B52 Strike. Vietnam War Diary 1968 (Vietnam War Diaries) B52 Strike. Vietnam War Diary 1968 (Vietnam War Diaries)
    B52 Strike. Vietnam War Diary 1968 (Vietnam War Diaries) B52 Strike. Vietnam War Diary 1968 (Vietnam War Diaries)
    B52 Strike. Vietnam War Diary 1968 (Vietnam War Diaries) B52 Strike. Vietnam War Diary 1968 (Vietnam War Diaries)
    B52 Strike. Vietnam War Diary 1968 (Vietnam War Diaries) B52 Strike. Vietnam War Diary 1968 (Vietnam War Diaries)
    B52 Strike. Vietnam War Diary 1968 (Vietnam War Diaries) B52 Strike. Vietnam War Diary 1968 (Vietnam War Diaries)

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