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Key Concepts in Contemporary Popular Fiction by Bernice Murphy (Edinburgh University Press, 2017)

And as our world grows smaller, due to the ease and accessibility of communication devices such as the Internet and due to the ever-increasing world population, the vampire is right there in the mix. As cultures collide, their mythologies mingle and the vampire once again is morphed into something modern and newly fearsome to a wider audience. It is difficult to remain stoic and objective about a supernatural predatory being such as the vampire because even if one is not inclined to believe that they are real and walk among us, the crimes that they are believed to have committed are absolutely the most horrific that our society can imagine.

It is because of the horrific nature of the crimes they commit, the methodology that they employ, the feelings of trust and safety that they so easily shatter, that we would be hard 11 Introduction pressed to find someone who had no opinion on the matter at all. That is exactly the reason why encyclopedias, regardless of the subject matter, are so important to researchers. These books are meant to be a comprehensive resource on a subject, pulling together all related bits of reliable data from all branches of knowledge in one place—and this is the most important part—in an impartial and unbiased voice.

Admittedly this sort of book is seldom the sort seen on best selling lists, as they opt for the credible rather than the sensational, but long after the title du jour is forgotten the encyclopedia remains, its factual content and integrity intact. Abchanchu the creature, Abhartach, once and for all. The druid explained that because of the nature of the magic that was used to return the tyrant combined with the type of creature that he became, a murbhheo ancient Gaelic for vampire , their evil ruler could not be permanently destroyed, only trapped.

The druid, using a sword made of yew wood, ran Abhartach through and while he was in a weakened state, he was buried upside down in a grave that was then covered with ash branches, thorns, and a large boulder. Next to the boulder that helps imprison him, a large thorn tree now grows out of the burial site, pinning him to the earth. This vampire from Bolivia hunts its human prey by appearing to them as a kindly old man who is lost and in need of assistance.

Anyone who helps this creature will soon meet with a tragic end. If the victim does not contract a fatal disease soon after the ill-fated meeting, his body will be discovered drained of its blood. It is the tale of the merciless tyrant and powerful sorcerer, Abhartach. Traditionally, he is described as being a short man, a dwarf in many tellings, and having a physical deformity.

The story goes that one night Abhartach, a jealous and suspicious man, convinced himself that his wife was being unfaithful to him. The day after his funeral, Abhartach returned to Slaughtaverty demanding that each person cut their wrist and bleed into his bowl daily in order to sustain his life.

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However, it did not take them long to decide that they were unwilling to live under the tyranny of such an obvious REVENANT, so the citizenry hired an assassin to kill him. Although the attempt was initially successful, Abhartach returned, demanding his daily allotment of blood.

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Undeterred, another assassin was hired, but with the same results. Both the ceremony and the type of vampiric spirit they call are named after the town. An offering of bread and water is placed on the kitchen table and beckoning candles are lit and placed in the windows of the home. Similar candles are placed on the graves of loved ones, allowing their spirits to rise up. Slowly the spirits gather together and form a line as they march back into town and to the homes they once lived in.

Once they return to their old homes, they consume the essence of the food offering left for them. There is a very complex magical ritual that can be performed at a crossroads that would allow the practitioner to see this procession of the dead.

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However, this is a very dangerous undertaking, as to see the dead walk will cause insanity, followed by death. Although the creature would normally drink blood, it can be staved off with offerings of kokosmilch coconut milk and palmoel palm oil. If captured while in its ball of light or insect form, the adze will immediately shape-shift into the form of a human.

While it is in this form, any means that would normally kill a human will destroy the vampire. However, what it does have are vampiric creatures and witches with vampiric tendencies that practice forms of cannibalism and necrophilia, as well as committing acts of vampirism. The ability to become a witch is not always an inheritable trait and is not necessarily something that can be taught to someone who desires to learn.

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There is no reliable test that can be performed to determine who may become a witch, although women who are naturally barren or are postmenopausal are most commonly suspect. But anyone has the potential to become a witch. If a witch is discovered, she may be lucky enough to be banished and driven out of her community. Since there are several tribes who blame all of their misfortunes on witches, there 14 have been pocket societies that have developed that consist of nothing but people who were labeled as witches.

These small communities are very close-knit and quick to take in new arrivals. When the witch is killed, the evil she wrought will die as well. She is then beheaded, her body impaled upon a stake, and cremated. Her head is thrown away so that predatory and scavenging animals may consume it. Even a deceased person can be accused of being a witch.

If a hole is found, the grave will be exhumed and the body examined for signs of decay. They can also capture a spirit and use it to harm crops, livestock, and people. At the very spot where the last drop of his lifeblood fell, the newly created afrit rises up.

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Some sources say it looks like a larger version of the jinni, but others claim it appears as a desert dervish, a ghostlike form, a tall column of smoke, or a being resembling the Christian devil complete with cloven hooves, horns, and a tail. Just to see the creature will cause a person to be overcome with fear. To prevent this vampiric being from entering into existence, a nail must be driven into the exact spot where the last drop of lifeblood fell.

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This will force the spirit to remain in the earth. As much a were-creature as a vampire, this shape-shifting being is well known for its gluttonous appetite for human blood. The agta is normally invisible and can only be seen if a person bends over backward far enough so that they can see between their own legs. Her name has been connected to Qadesha, the sexually free temple women of Canaan who served Astarte. She, like the SUCCUBUS she is associated with, is described as being beautiful, but along the northern coast of present-day Morocco she is also said to have the feet of a goat.

Vampire God

Then as now, she is found near wells and waterways, dancing wildly, bare-chested, lustfully enchanting anyone who will let her. Men whom she has seduced will be rendered impotent and lose interest in all other women. She has a constant consort companion, a jinni named Hammu Qaiyu. As a goddess, she cannot be destroyed, only driven away by plunging an iron knife as hard as one can deep into the ground before becoming entranced by her beauty. Once he has, he must then stab an iron knife into the ground, breaking her hold over him. Sailors and those who live near the water have described it as a severely rotting corpse leaving the water and seeking out human prey to drain—not of blood, but rather of body heat.

The spirit that inhabits the corpse can access the memory and adopt the personality of the deceased. It is considered the epitome of destruction. Her name, Aisha Qandisha. This creature, which feeds exclusively on human blood, is summoned into this plane of existence through a rather simplistic magical ceremony. As soon as the akhkharu arrives in our dimension, the creature immediately begins seeking out prey. If it can consume enough human blood, it will become human itself. In its human form it is known to drink boiled milk, wine, and vodka in addition to blood. As it approaches in its eagle form, the sky begins to grow dark and soon a full-blown thunderstorm complete with lightning and hail soon follows. During the storm the ala will swoop down and eat all of the grapes off the vine from vineyards. In either of its forms, the ala causes violent storms that ruin crops.

Interestingly enough, there is a belief amongst the people of Iceland that if an elderly person and a child fall asleep in the same room, the older person will unintentionally drain the life from the child. Also it is common there for the vampire to be used satirically as a metaphor of the rich draining the lifeblood from the overworked and abused poor. There are other tales where an 16 algul tricks travelers into accompanying it and then, upon reaching an isolated place, turns and attacks.


Although its preferred prey is infants, an algul can survive from eating only a few grains of rice every day. Normally this demon lives in cemeteries, but since it can pass for human, it occasionally marries and has children. Assuming that the man survives his encounter with the succubus, as the time of his natural death draws near, his demonic son will return and linger at his bedside.

Just as the father expires, the cambion snatches up the soul and enslaves it. Allu are particularly vicious and seek to destroy everything. It has been sieged upon, occupied, invaded, abandoned, restored, and added on to over the years by the nobility that have laid claim to it. Today the castle stands as the second largest occupied castle in England. Before he could reach her window, however, he slipped and fell, hitting the ground with a fatal impact but not dying right away.

He was given a proper Christian burial; however, the lord of the castle returned from his grave that very night as a vampiric REVENANT and began to attack the local populace, spreading a plague as he went. The body was stabbed and it exploded with such force it destroyed the corpse. Eventually, it drives its lovers insane, causing them to commit suicide. Throughout the ages the only consistency in its description is that it wears a white hat. Generally the alp is male, and although there are a scant few reports of it being female, it should be noted that this creature has exceptional shape-shifting abilities.

An alp can assume the form of any animal it pleases, but it prefers that of birds, cats, demon dogs, dogs, pigs, and snakes. Typically a demon is an infernal, immortal being that was never human, but this is not the case for the lecherous and ravenous alp. In fact, it became what it is through one of a few fairly mundane acts, such as when a newborn male child dies, when a child whose mother went through a particularly long and painful childbirth dies, or when a family member dies and his spirit simply just returns with no further explanation added.

At night the alp seeks out its most common prey, a sleeping woman, although it has been known to occasionally attack men and young boys, as well as cattle, geese, horses, and rabbits.

autumn and john (colman family vampires Book 64) Autumn and john (colman family vampires Book 64)
autumn and john (colman family vampires Book 64) Autumn and john (colman family vampires Book 64)
autumn and john (colman family vampires Book 64) Autumn and john (colman family vampires Book 64)
autumn and john (colman family vampires Book 64) Autumn and john (colman family vampires Book 64)
autumn and john (colman family vampires Book 64) Autumn and john (colman family vampires Book 64)

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